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Through a Different Lens: A Conversation with Julien Quickstad

CMHA, Alberta Division sat down with Julien Quickstad, whose dual lens as a person living with MDD and a student studying psychology has helped the MDD project and provides a unique perspective.

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Major Depressive Disorder, Part One | Defining MDD and its impacts

Major Depressive Disorder is a type of depression that affects all Canadians in some way – whether it be personally, through family, or through someone they know. MDD is defined as depression that persists through the prescription of two or more antidepressants.

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Major Depressive Disorder, Part Two | Treatment and progress

When it comes to treatment options for MDD, there is rarely an easy fix; while some forms of mental illness can be effectively managed by prescription medication, this form of treatment is part of a bigger picture for people with MDD. Wellness journeys tend to look more like a network or balance. While the balance differs from person to person, there are pillars of MDD treatment that tend to be more popular.

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