NEED HELP? Call 211 (Alberta only) or the Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642. If you’re thinking about suicide, call or text 9-8-8 toll-free.

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MDD Tools & Resources

For those living with MDD or caring for someone who does, resources and community support can change lives. CMHA, Alberta Division maintains a robust, growing list of mental health resources, as well as numerous projects operating through CMHA doing mental health work that makes a difference in Alberta.

Links and Resources

To access immediate support, please visit CMHA, Alberta Divisions’s Help Right Now page

For Those on the Road to Recovery

Alberta Recovery Colleges

Alberta Recovery Colleges offer a range and variety of recovery-focused courses designed for individuals, families, the workplace, and cultural and spiritual communities. All Recovery College courses are codeveloped and co-facilitated with the community and peers – individuals with “lived experience” who are role models to their peers and embody hope and recovery – exploring community strengths, as personal expertise is embedded with professional expertise.

For Post-secondary Students and Campuses

Healthy Campus Alberta

Healthy Campus Alberta (HCA) is a CMHA, Alberta Division project with a vision to “To educate, collaborate and advocate to transform culture and creating caring campus communities throughout the province of Alberta.” HCA works to understand the unique needs of each campus, build relationships in their communities, foster valuable conversation, and advocate for equity.

For Youth in our Communities

Youth Hubs Alberta

Youth Hubs Alberta aims to bridge the gap between Albertan youth aged 11-24 and resources like physical and mental health services, addiction services, housing, social services and more. Youth Hubs seeks to increase accessibility and coordination for these resources, all while empowering Alberta’s youth in need.

For Rural Communities

Rural Mental Health Project

Rural communities experience isolation and are typically underserved when it comes to mental health, and CMHA’s Rural Mental Health Project seeks to change that. By developing networking and conducting training, RMH strives to utilize a community-based approach capitalizing on the strengths and identifying the needs of rural communities regarding mental health. In doing so, RMH achieves a localized approach specific to the communities it serves.

For Loved Ones and Caregivers Lending Support

Caregiver Connections

A caregiver is defined as someone who is assisting a family member or friend through the challenges with things like illness, disability or aging. Caregiver Connections provides peer-to-peer support for parents and caregivers of individuals with mental health concerns. Peers equipped with training and lived experience help parents and caregivers learn how to take care of themselves, when to set boundaries, and when to ask for help.

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