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Bipolar Disorder: Where’s the Balance?

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, this booklet is for you. Bipolar Disorder: Where’s the Balance? contains information about your condition and practical suggestions for dealing with it. Your family, friends and others close to you will also find this 40 page booklet useful. Learn to live with, rather than suffering from, bipolar disorder requires major life changes. Making these adjustments may not be easy, but you can succeed by learning more about your condition and developing new attitudes and skills.

You can use this booklet to:

  • learn more about bipolar disorder; how it affects you and what you can do about it;
  • get ideas about how to make changes and live more successfully;
  • find out where to get help;
  • understand how your depression may affect others who are close to you; and
  • find out how to get and give support to others.

Suggestions are aimed at a wide audience. Some of the ideas may work for you while others may not. You are the one to decide which ideas to try on for size, which ones suit you and work best for you. Just take what you need and leave the rest.

Learning to deal with bipolar disorder takes time, patience and courage. You’re worth the effort.


View or download each chapter individually in PDF format.

About Bipolar Disorder Symptoms, The Depressive Period, The Manic Period, Causes

Treatment – Medication, Psychotherapy, Other Treatments, Hospitalization

Strategies for Living – Promoting Your Own Health, Hope Makes a Difference, Lifestyle Considerations, Legal Considerations, Suicide Prevention, Make a Plan for Living

For Family and Friends – Reaction and Adjustments, When Manic or Depressive Episodes Occur, When Judicial Help is Needed, How to Help

Support and Resources – Self Help Groups, Community Resources, Your Resource Phone List

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