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Mental Health Awards

Each year, CMHA, Alberta Division recognizes mental health leaders, innovators and volunteers who advance the mental health of all Albertans.

Hundreds of volunteers across Alberta make mental health matter through their work. CMHA, Alberta Division’s Mental Health Awards allow us to recognize the outstanding achievements of volunteers and organizations in our communities who are making changes and exemplify the spirit of CMHA, Alberta Division.

Award nominations are now closed. Award recipients will be announced in Summer 2024.

Award Categories

Nadine Stirling Memorial Award

Award Qualifications
About the Award

The Award, originally the Consumer Award, was renamed in 1991 in memory of Nadine Stirling, the first Alberta Consumer Networker. It is awarded to a consumer or immediate family member in recognition of their effort to attack stigma and/or support the development of self-help initiatives or facilitate consumer participation. The staff member being nominated will exemplify the mission, vision and values of CMHA in their professional and personal interactions and demonstrate they share the values of CMHA. They will have made a significant impact within the mental health community through outstanding dedication, competence, exceptional performance and excellent service to their community and their workplace.

The Bettie Hewes Memorial Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

Award Qualifications
About the Award

The Award is named in remembrance of Bettie Hewes, former CMHA Alberta Division President, Regional Director and MLA. Bettie’s lifelong interest in mental health issues and her commitment to improving the quality of life for people with mental illness is an example to all. The Award honours a volunteer or volunteers who have given much time and effort in direct service or management or have promoted the goals of the Association throughout the community.

Communications Award

Award Qualifications

About the Award

Created to honour those representatives in the media who have made outstanding contributions to the coverage of mental health issues and/or shown regular and continuous interest in promoting the Association’s goals and objectives and/or given special assistance in promotion of special events such as Mental Health Week.

Professional Care Award

Award Qualifications
About the Award

Awarded to a professional mental health care worker or organization exhibiting special creativity and effectiveness in the provision of mental health care.

Special Service Award

Award Qualifications
About the Award

Awarded to a service club, group or business which has aided the Association through financial or special service. More than one award may be given in any one year.

Workplace Wellness Award

Award Qualifications
About the Award

Awarded to any organization from the public, private or voluntary sector, union or employee association which has demonstrated the promotion of mental health in the workplace and/or cooperation between employers, employees and community agencies within the workplace.

Jillian Dayck Award

About the Award

This award is named for Jillian Dayck, a 35 year CMHA Alberta staff member. Ms. Dayck’s support for her coworkers and dedication to improving the mental health of all Albertans will live on through this award.

Award nominations are now closed. Award recipients will be announced in Summer 2024.

Award Winners

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For a complete list of past award recipients, download Divisional Awards for All Years.

For questions or comments related to CMHA, Alberta Division awards, please contact [email protected].

If you are looking for information about the Canadian Mental Health Association’s national awards, please visit CMHA National.

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