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Those who support loved ones with mental health concerns need support, too. 

It’s difficult navigating the challenges of caring for a loved one with mental health concerns, but you are not alone. Caregiver Connections offers compassionate support and resources to assist you on your caregiving journey.  

Whether you’re a parent, sibling, partner or friend, if you’re caring for a loved one with mental health concerns, Caregiver Connections is here to provide you with support and resources to navigate your unique journey. Through Caregiver Connections, you can find peer-to-peer support from other caregivers who understand. 

About Caregiver Connections 

Many parents and caregivers may be concerned about their child’s well-being or may have a difficult time coping with the mental health concern of a child or young adult. Parents and caregivers often wonder how best to parent and provide support. Families impacted by a mental health concern or diagnosis can find it particularly difficult to get the help they need. 

CMHA in Alberta, in partnership with the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Children’s Services, has developed the peer-to-peer family support program, Caregiver Connections, to provide peer support for parents and caregivers of individuals with mental health concerns. Caregiver Connections provides peer support services in six Alberta Regions, offering compassionate support and specific information and resources. 

Through Caregiver Connections, you’ll learn how best to care for yourself and your loved one, ask for help when needed, and set healthy boundaries. Our program is available in six Alberta regions, and our trained peers with lived experience are here to help you connect with others going through similar experiences, share stories and learn from each other. 

With the support of trained peers with lived experience, parents and caregivers will learn how to best take care of themselves, ask for help when necessary and learn about the importance of boundaries. It is a safe place to gather for shared stories, education, resources and support. 


Care for caregivers who support people living with mental health concerns 

Caregiver Connections Participant Testimonials

“[As a caregiver], it was great to get feedback on situations I’ve been going through and to know that I’m not alone.”

– Caregiver Connections Participant

“Caregiver Connections gave me peer experiences where I could share without judgement.”

– Caregiver Connections Participant

“Caregiver Connections provides me with coping skills and people who understand what I’m going through.”

– Caregiver Connections Participant

Contact your CMHA region for information about the Caregiver Connections group near you.

Virtual support groups available through Edmonton and Red Deer.

Red Deer

P: (403) 342-2266
E: [email protected]

Grande Prairie

P: (780) 228-3689
E: [email protected]

Fort McMurray

P: (780) 743-1053
E: [email protected]


P: (780) 414-6300
E: [email protected]


P: (780) 672-2570
E: [email protected]


P: (403): 320-4232
E: [email protected]

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