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Are you living with Bipolar I Disorder? You are invited to share you story.

Mental Illness Awareness Week is approaching on October 2nd though 8th. A pharmaceutical partner is planning a campaign to raise awareness on bipolar disorder. As such, they are seeking spokespeople with lived experience.

As a campaign spokesperson, you will be invited to share your personal stories with bipolar with local journalists/reporters for different media opportunities, such as:

Through their stories, spokespeople will define the impact of mental illness, address stigmas and barriers, and the importance of having available resources and treatments to support you. You will also have the opportunity to shine a light on how patient support groups helped in your journey, directing readers/listeners to these important local resources.

The impact to your schedule would be minimal. As a spokesperson, you would approve all interviews that you wish to participate in.

If you are interested in sharing your story, you can reach out directly to Melanie at [email protected].

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