NEED HELP? Call 211 (Alberta only) or the Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642. If you’re thinking about suicide, call or text 988 toll-free.

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Nutters Everyday Naturals Fundraiser for CMHAs

Calgary, AB – May 6 – 12 marks Canadian Mental Health Association’s 73rd Mental Health Week. This year’s theme, “Healing through Compassion,” explores how compassion connects us all.

Nutters Everyday Naturals is partnering with Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Alberta Division, to raise funds for mental health throughout the month of May with their Round Up For Mental Health Campaign. Customers can choose to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar or donate more in the month of May. Funds will be distributed to CMHA branches and regions across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Nutters Everday Naturals President Brad Winsor says, “Nutters Round Up For Mental Health Campaign was born as a result of the COVID period. Most of our stores experienced a significant outreach for help with mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety. That’s when our team members across all 25 stores in Western Canada realized the urgency to provide as much help for the supports and services offered by local CMHA offices as possible. We’re proud of the commitment of our team members with this first annual campaign.”

Hilary Sirman, Donor Relations Director for Centre for Suicide Prevention, a branch of CMHA, Alberta Division, says, “We are excited about this campaign; not only will it raise funds for local CMHAs, helping us deliver supports and services in our communities, but it also raises awareness for mental health more broadly. We are grateful for this generous initiative Nutters Everyday Naturals is undertaking to support community mental health in locations where their stores operate across Western Canada. This awareness helps cultivate compassion through understanding.”

Compassion is defined as the practice of meeting suffering – whether our own or that of others – with kindness.

“Compassion is the emotional response to the struggles of others combined with a real, authentic desire to help lessen their suffering and respond with care,” says Margaret Eaton, National CEO, CMHA. “With so much hardship going on in the world, compassion is needed now more than ever.” 

CMHA regions and branches offer programs specifically designed to help provide supports and services to their local communities. The mission of CMHA is to ensure that all people in Canada experience good mental health and well-being.

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