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OSI-CAN | Peer Support for First Responder’s in Alberta

OSI-CAN is a community-based peer support initiative, first created in January 2016, in Saskatchewan as a partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association (SK) and The Royal Canadian Legion (Saskatchewan Command). OSI-CAN is designed to assist our military, first responder and public safety personnel through conscious connections and group support in dealing with Operational and Post Traumatic Stress.

In 2019, the program expanded to include Manitoba and the Alberta A.S.K peer support groups, with OSI-CAN now operating more than 20 groups across three provinces. The OSI-CAN Peer Support Initiative offers community-based peer support groups, family support groups, assistance with service dog acquisition and referrals to equine therapy programs.

Our support groups provide a free, safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment where we can talk openly about mental health. Often, peers who have had similar experiences can provide support and referral assistance through “brave space” peer support, improving the lives of their peers and helping them towards recovery, resiliency and growth. Peer support may also help to reduce the stigma of treatment and access to mental health, medical and social services, which can help to reduce the burden of a person’s recovery from trauma, empowering individuals to realize self-determination and hope.

Become an OSI-CAN community-based peer facilitator: Fill out the recruitment form today.

If you would like more information about OSI-CAN, please contact
Michael Skinner, ACP
Provincial Coordinator, OSI-CAN
(780) 722-2902
[email protected]

Jason Trenholm
Provincial Coordinator, OSI-CAN
(780) 499-5794
[email protected]

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